CLI utility for the Pilot headless CMS

In one command get all your client content as structured markdown files with front matter and files for sections
Designed with in mind
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Why are you focusing on the filesystem and markdown files as content source and not offer a GraphQL endpoint ?

When we discovered the world of static site generators it was with Hugo. For the first time we were able to version the code AND content of our customers' sites. A revelation! More control, speed, safety! More simplicity! When we developed our content production platform, we always had in mind this experience that we wanted to respect.

When you build your site with a REST or GraphQL API you no longer version the content.

We will offer, in a short time, a REST API (because the need is real) but for the moment we want to focus on this first use case.

The goal of the game is to automate deployments! Now I'm going to waste time if I have to intervene every time the content change

Full automation is sometimes a false sense of speed, especially when you begin to set up a process with your content writers

What happened when the content producer changes the document structure without warning you? The build fail and you must act. You are fast if nothing ever changes in the process structure at any given time. But that's not always the case.

With a CLI tool your are in control : you pull the content, check how Hugo renders it and push this 'content only' commit to github (and Netlify).

Later on, when you will be up to speed and everybody is feeling confortable with the process, full automation will be interesting (and provided, with hooks to Github from Pilot). We think you need both